Jumat, 14 April 2017


Hello guys, the blog this time I wrote is interviewed someone who have skill. I’ve done interview with someone who has skill, he is my friend’s his name is Darus. He is a students who is in public SMKN 1 KETAPANG. He has skill in the field of photography and editor. Because of his hobbies that he has some of the results of works such as making films and other works. Although he did not have the tools to develop his hobby he never despair because of that issue, because there is still s way out with that problem. Here are the results of my interview with my friend :

Nadia    : since when you like this hobby?
Answer : I like this hobby since I know the world of photography and the word of cinema. The reason I want to learn to edit video or photos because I don’t know anything and confusion about how to how to edit. I tried to ask people who are adept in the world of photography and film but not in response I finally decided to learn how to autodidact. Today’s sophisticated so I watch tutorial about editing this in youtube with s 1 hour watching 6 hours of practice and one day the publication, now I am quite adept at about editing.

Nadia    : how much or of the work that you the right?
Answer : if a photo of about 300 and if the video about 20 and too rarely in publication.

Nadia    : do you have the intention to develop this hobby and how you do it?
Answer : if may intention must have, I want to do it with how to make video documentary and short films continues in the upload on youtube.

The following are some of the result of the work in the produce of his
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Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

what would the world be like without the sun

Hi guys, this time I will discuss an article about “what would the world be like without the sun”.
The sun is the source of energy for life and the sun has many benefits and a very important role for life. What will happen if there is no sun? maybe some planets will cross paths and if too close can be just collided, maybe that will happen the planets continue to move leaving the solar system. Without the sun the source of energy for the earth disappeared, the temperature in the earth will decrease drastically the earth has become frozen, the atmosphere that is so protective of the earth also come frozen and crushed. Without the sun life would not be able to last a long time and life will perish and the earth would be a frozen planet. The sun has a very important role which is beneficial to life as the heat of the sun provide the right temperature for the survival of organisms on earth. In addition, the heat of the sun allows the presence of wind, the weather, the climate and the rain cycle. The earth also receives energy of the sun in a precise amount to make the water stay liquid that is one of the continuity of life. The sun not only provides light and warmth but also the energy that help keep us supplied with oxygen and food. Oxygen and food came to animals and plants, plants photosynthesize with the help of the rays of the sun and finally produces oxygen. No sun, no food, even plants will die. When the plants die, then the food chain was breaking and all life on it will not be able to survive.

Senin, 27 Maret 2017

the lessons that can be taken from the story

I had read a book entitled “the muddy sheep”. This book tells about a family vacation to granddad and grandma. Tom and holly help granddad to feed the sheep. Then ask for the help of mum and dad to help the sheep by pulling the strap and drawn using a car.

Of the story that can be taken is want to help, help each, compact, do not easily give up.

Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

My skill


Hello guys ,This time I will tell  you a little story about the ability and my experience. That time I was 14 years old and at that time I was still junior high school grade 3 at the time of elementary school I really like it the dancer but I have not too pursue, until I junior high school I try to pursue the dancer but blocked by the organizations like the boy scouts and the red cross and also follow activities extracurricular tutorial lesson English and math, because at that time I’ve been approached the national exam and I focus for the first on national exam. When finished the national exam I don’t have activities and I tried to find a flurry outside and finally I follow the exercise dancer every week incidentally on that month there is competition between students dancer and me and my friends interested to register competition the dancer. Almost every day we practice until the day of the competition, we featuring as much as possible the results of our practice, after we performed and all not in vain we win and got champions 3. After that I became rarely exercise dancer because I was wearing the headscarf and a dancer no wearing a headscarf. Since didn’t follow the dancer again I can still follow other activities like a dancer namely zumba. Although zumba it gymnastics but I loved it because of the movement like a dancer.

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017



I.                   Vocabulary
1.      Satisfaction     = Kekuasaan
2.      Costs               = Biaya - biaya
3.      Determine        = Menentukan
4.      Engage            = Mengikutsertakan
5.      Forecast           = Ramalan
6.      Revenues         = Penghasilan
7.      Insurance         = Asuransi
8.      French              = Orang Prancis
9.      Entrepreneurs  = Pengusaha
10.  Mystery             = Kegaiban
11.  Paychecks         = Cek Upah/Gaji
12.  Percentage       = Presentasi
13.  Growth              = Pertumbuhan
14.  Measured          = Teratur
15.  Incease              = Kenaikan
16.  Addictiveness    = Menyebabkan Kecanduan

II.                Exercise 1 :
1.      Check
2.      Control
3.      Monitor
4.      Control
5.      Monitor
Exercise 2 :
1.      Cost (n)                       = Expenses, outlay (p. 1 line 6);
Meaning : Biaya – biaya, pengeluaran.
2.      Monitor (v)                  = Control, manage (p.3 line 2);
Meaning : pemantauan, pengamatan, mengendalikan, mengatur.
3.      Flair (n)                       = Skill, Talent, Inclination (p.4 line 5);
Meaning : bakat, kemampuan, kecendrungan.
4.      Entrepreneur (n)          = Employer (p.3 line 4);
Meaning : wirausaha, karyawan.
5.      Forecast (n)                 = Prediction (p.3 line 1);
Meaning : ramalan, prediksi.
6.      Provide (v)                  = Supply, Equip, Outfit (p.2 line 3)
Meaning : menyediakan, melengkapi.
7.      Job-setting (n)             = Place of Work (p.2 line 1)
Meaning : pekerjaan, tempat kerja
8.      Liable (a)                     = Responsible
Meaning : dapat dikenakan, besar kemungkinan, bertanggung jawab

Exercise 3 :

1.      Qualify                                = Memenuhi Syarat
2.      Entrepreneurial                  = Pengusaha
3.      Liable                                 = Hartawan, yang bertanggung jawab
4.      Consumption                     = Konsumsi, pemakaian
5.      Provide                              = Menyediakan
6.      Self-employed                    = Bekerja sendiri
7.      Distribution                         = Distribusi, penyaluran
8.      Forecasts                           = Ramalan, prediksi
9.      Flair                                    = Bakat
10.  Benefits or fringe benefits   = Manfaat, keuntungan
11.  Costs and Consumption      = Biaya dan Konsumsi, pemakaian